Degree 5 Quilted Bamboo "Sleep Cool" Sheet Set in Ecru
Degree 5 Quilted Bamboo "Sleep Cool" Sheet Set in Ecru Quilted Bamboo Sheets Made in USA Degree 5 Quilted Bamboo "Sleep Cool" Sheet Set in Ecru DreamFlex Corner Bands from DreamFit The DreamFit Advantage

Product Description

These special quilted sheets are woven with a luxurious cotton sateen weave that gives a silky smooth feel with special temperature regulating properties. You will sleep cool at night with premium bamboo ultra-soft comfort. These DreamFit sheets are made of 70% viscose from bamboo fibers and 30% cotton. The fiber composition of these sheets makes them naturally moisture wicking, bacteria-resistant, and hypo-allergenic. 

The quilted sheet set includes the following:

  • an extra large top sheet,
  • a patented self-tailoring fitted sheet (two for split sets),
  • and two pillowcases (Twin and TwinXL have one pillowcase).

DreamFit sheets have patented one inch corner bands to secure the sheet to the underside of the bed. If you have had problems with sheets that won't stay put under that mattress, you will love DreamFit. You won't believe how wonderful these sheets are until you spend your first night sleeping under DreamFit! Made in USA of imported cotton.

These sheets are manufactured  by DreamFit and come with a one year warranty for material defects.

Shipping & Handling Information