Garden Gate Headboard
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Product Description

Unfortunately, headboard are currently unavailable. Shop the matching bedding here

Want to really personalize your dorm room and make it stand out from all the others?  We'll make a wall mount dorm-friendly headboard customized for your room.  This wall mount headboard has strong velcro bands that stick to the wall. Simply place it above your bed and you've just made your dorm a home!

Select this option for Garden Gate fabric with coral, natural, gray and brown. This pattern looks fantastic (and we recommend it) with the following patterns (but not necessarily with the accent pillows shown on the bedding photos!) :

  • Gray Chevron Dorm Bedding
  • Gray Quatrefoil Dorm Bedding

They take about 3 to 4 weeks to custom make, so order yours early!

Dorm Headboard dimensions:  41 inches wide (the width of a twin or twin XL bed), a generous 36" tall, and 3 inches deep (see inset photo).  Backed with two long extra strong velcro strips.

Best of all, your headboard is made in USA!  

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