"When a Blanket is Too Much, and a Sheet is Not Quite Enough"

The Degree 6 Quilted sheet set is made of 70% MicroTencel and 30% Supima Cotton, a luxury combination providing both warmth and breathability. The temperature regulation system and quilted design are accompanied by a smooth feeling and superior moisture absorption. These sheets are ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. 

The top sheet and pillowcases are reversible, silky smooth on one side and quilted on the other providing year round comfort. The fitted sheet is not quilted and just like the top sheet is silky smooth and very breathable. 

Tencel is a biodegradable, temperature-regulating, eco-friendly and wrinkle resistant material made from environmentally sustainable trees. These sheets are also resistant to mold and mildew. The temperature regulating characteristic of these sheets make them the perfect choice all year long. 

High Quality Made in USA Sheets

DreamFit Sheets are manufactured in the USA to guarantee the highest standard of quality. The DreamFit Advantage guarantees that the fitted sheet will fit, and stay on almost any mattress. These sheets feature elastic that is 4X wider and 20X stronger than standard elastic. Even with the addition of a mattress topper, foam or pad the strong elastic will keep your sheet firmly on the mattress. 

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