Thank you for supporting American made bedding. We're bringing back jobs to the USA one day at a time. Your purchases DO make a difference.

Once you receive your bedding and accessories from American Made Dorm & Home, you'll see the difference that true American-made manufacturing can make. Yes, it's a little more expensive, but the reason is higher quality. You can buy inexpensive overseas-made bedding anywhere. It's inexpensive because it is not made to last. You don't want to have to replace your bedding after a few months of wear. By the time you do that, you could have purchased true made in USA bedding. Plus, manufacturing in the USA means we are closely involved in the planning, development, and quality control of all our products. We take great pride in our American manufacturing.

American Made Dorm & Home manufactures all its bedding in the Carolinas. We have hands-on involvement at every step of the manufacturing process, underscoring the quality of our bedding and accessories. See the difference made in USA makes. On the right is OUR comforter, on the left, a similar pattern and style made overseas. From the loft (what's inside the comforter) to the fabric to the finish, the comparison is striking. After washing, the difference is even more pronounced. Our comforters don't shift or "pill". Our fiberfill runs from corner to corner. The loft is almost twice that of what you'll find in overseas-made bedding. If quality is important to you, buy American made!

Comparison of American Made to made in China


Looking for American made baby bedding? For our baby line, Liz and Roo, we can’t imagine producing the bedding for your baby overseas. That's why we created this fine line of baby bedding made in the USA. When you purchase American-made baby bedding, you know you can count on strict quality and environmental standards. You can expect the comfort and craftsmanship that only we can oversee by manufacturing your baby bedding here in the USA. 

When you order a Liz and Roo baby bedding set, you’ll get custom bedding made in America and made with your baby’s best interest in mind. We have a variety of modern, sophisticated patterns, colors, and prints that today's new mothers want. Gone are the days of bedding with monkeys and train sets. "In" are Chevron, Damask, and Geometric prints and soft gender-neutral colors. Liz and Roo, made in America, just for you!