The ultimate college planning list is right here. This printable college checklist is great to have on hand while packing. Just check off dorm items as you buy and pack them, and before you know it, you'll be ready for move in day at college (or boarding school). All of us at American Made Dorm wish you a happy first year! 

Your College Dorm Bedding 

___A comforter or duvet in Twin XL unless your dorm bed is regular twin or full/double

___Bed pillow(s) - you'll want at least two, one for the sham and one to sleep on

___Twin XL sheet sets - at least 2 sets with deep pockets, especially if you'll use a mattress topper

___Mattress pad with deep pockets and elastic all the way around to stay secure on the mattress

___Memory foam or other topper – at least 1 ¾ inches deep, or more

___Body Pillow, if desired  

Or, you can buy the complete 17-pc. dorm bundle from American Made Dorm and have it shipped to home or school. 

Extra Room Décor and Necessities

___An area rug to warm up the room or a college logo rug - first thing your feet touch in the morning

___Accent pillows - Lots and lots to accent your bedding!

___A Euro sham or standard sham that can be monogrammed

___Wall art, wall pops message boards or calendars

___Picture frames

___Pictures from home

___Desk Lamp

___Alarm Clock

___Trash Can

___Storage bins and under-the-bed storage for clothes, sweaters, etc.

___A few tools like a screwdriver plus double sided tacky tape for putting things on the walls 

For the Bath

___Towels sets – at least 2 sets

___Washcloths or body scrub brush or loofa

___Shower Caddy

___Flip Flops for the shower


___Laundry Detergent

___Dryer sheets

___Laundry bag, preferably lined and waterproof

___Drying rack

___Iron (coordinate with your roommate)  

For the Closet


___Self Stick hooks for the back of closet door

___Shoe rack or shoe storage

___Closet organizer

___Under bed storage

___"Closet Curtains" - basically a non-lined curtain with a rod pocket to cover the closet.

Note:  Many new dorms today DO NOT have closet doors.  It looks unbelievably messy without a closet curtain. Add a simple spring rod and you've got the answer to hiding what's in your messy closet. 

For Study

___Wall calendar or planner with dry erase marker; message board for your door (leave messages for roomie and friends while you're gone)

___A Bulletin Board - DIY is really popular.  Order extra fabric that coordinates or matches your bedding and cover a cork board!  We sell fabric by the yard from Premier Prints. Any fabric you see on our website is also available for purchase by the yard. Minimum purchase one yard.

___Tacks or push pins for the bulletin board

___Laptop desk for your computer

___Computer, Ipad, etc.

___Cords, chargers, and cables for your electronics

___Surge protector

___Printer (check with your roommate and share)

___A good quality chair for the desk – a great four-year investment for your back!


___Music station + headphones or earbuds

___IPod Docking station or alarm clock/dock combo

___TV (also check with roommate)

___School supplies (you can buy at the bookstore, too)

___Your backpack 

Extra Stuff to Make Dorm Life Bearable

___Fan for those un-air conditioned rooms


___Coffee pot, if allowed

___Tervis Tumblers for coffee and soft drinks

___Cup, Bowl, Plate, plus a few spoons and forks

___Water bottle

___Hot plate, if allowed

___Small Fridge (some campuses rent these)


___Trash bags

___Clorox Cleanup Wipes or equivalent

___Mini Vac or Broom or both

What Else?