When looking for pre-teen bedding, you’ve got a lot of demands to meet. You’re looking for something age appropriate, but also need something that will still look great when your pre-teen becomes a teen.  Color trends come and go, and your pre-teen's favorite colors may not be the same when she is a teen. That's why selecting a color that can be accented with different colors is important. That way, if your pre-teen changes her mind about what color bedding she wants in a few years, you've got the flexibility to change up her bedroom. Simple additions like new accent pillows in different colors can change the look of the room. See the photos below to see how a simple change in pillows changes the look of the bed.

Same goes for changing the paint color in the room. That's one reason why so many parents choose black and white bedding for their daughter's "grown up" bedroom and bedding. Take Black and White Damask.  This can be accented with virtually any color or combination of colors.  Put hot pink and chartreuse green accent pillows on the bed and you've got a great look. Next year, swap out those preppy colors for softer colors like robin's egg blue, teal, turquoise, or lavender. Get the picture? Changing up a room isn't as hard as you may think. For your son, a black and white houndstooth comforter can be accented with deep red, maroon, dark green, or tan. Solid blankets in any of those colors look great draped over the end of the bed.

At American Made Dorm & Home, we have a large selection of bedding sets that will be perfect for a pre-teen now and for years to come. We’ve covered every color scheme, from hot pink to yellow to navy to gray and everything in between. 

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