American Made Home and Dorm is the nation’s top supplier of high quality, custom bedding made right here in the USA. With superior craftsmanship and fabrics, we offer all the basics, such as sheets, comforters, accent pillows. American consumers do not have to look any further to find gorgeous designer and custom bedding at affordable prices, all made in the USA.

With luxury style choices for both boys and girls, teens and high school graduates and adults, we offer the largest selection of home and dorm bedding to be designed, made, and distributed in the USA. You can expect fine quality comforters and duvets with American Made Dorm & Home.

We take pride in our American manufactured products and work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our materials are of the highest quality and safety standards. Our American grown cotton is printed with water-based dyes without being treated with any harmful chemicals. 

You will see the difference when you receive your Made in USA bedding. You won't have you replace your bedding year after year when you start with higher quality materials. The craftsmanship of our pieces far exceeds that which you will find in what you receive from overseas manufacturing. Each piece is hand sewn with an attention to detail that you cannot find on abroad. You can feel good about your purchase from American Made Dorm & Home knowing where your materials came from and who was sewing them! 

Support local manufacturing with your purchase from American Made Dorm & Home!!