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Update Your Bedroom with Accent Pillows

How to Accentuate your Bedroom with Accent Pillows

Accent pillows can be a great way to transform your bed room and bring it to life. They can make for the perfect accessory whether you want to add class with designer pillows or use cute throw pillows to make your bed look more comfy. But you do have to make sure that you choose the right colors and designs to make it accentuate your bedroom and its surroundings. Here are some ideas for choosing and using them in the right manner.

Tip #1: Mix and Match Patterns with Solids

Using accent pillows with a solid color design, can sometimes make the décor seem bland. That’s why mixing solids with patterns is better than simply using all solids. It adds more contrast to the eye, especially when the solids and patterns are different colors. That said, you can still go with the same color theme for the patterns and solids if you want a more laid back look.

Accent pillows for your bed American Made Dorm & Home
Tip #2: Use the Room’s Colors to Pull the Look Together

If you’re using solid cushions only, then try to tie in similar colors to build a theme. For example, if there is tan colored furniture in the bedroom, then you may want to use a light orange to create contrast while still having similar colors. This keeps the look from being monotonous. 

Tip #3: Mix and Match Different Pillow Sizes

When it comes to accent pillows for your bed or a wide sofa, you can use varying sizes of pillows for a layered look. Not only does it make everything look more intricate, it is also functional. You may have a lower elevation pillow to rest your feet, a larger pillow for your body, and your standard pillows all mixed in.

Accent pillows American Made Dorm & Home

Tip #4: There’s No Limit to the Number of Pillows… Or Is There?

There are numerous design magazines that showcase a bed with tons of throw pillows all around it. Visually it looks great and you may think about mimicking that kind of look. However, it’s not really functional. Having all those pillows on your bed can be annoying and take away space for yourself. You can have as many pillows as you want, but when they start to make you uncomfortable, it’s time to think about going with a minimalist set up.

Tip #5: Design Themes Can Work 

Rather than going with colors, you may go with certain design themes. For example, you can use a variety of polka dot pillows, striped pillows, or floral pillows. The big idea here is to tie in everything together with a central theme. That said, accent pillows for your living room often work better when connected to a central theme.

Tip #6: Opposites Attract

Using opposite colors like blue and red or black and white can work really well. It automatically draws the eye to the instantly noticeable contrast. You want to use opposite colors when there is a strong neutral color that serves as the base. For example, white, light grey, beige, or cream bedding will work as a great neutral foundation for the varied pillows.

Tip #7: Go with Different Fabrics

You can really create an eclectic look with throw pillows by mixing and matching different fabrics. But to keep a cohesive look, you want to stay within a similar color range or the look will come across as random. Using throw pillows with different fabrics also feels nice as you can use a fabric that suits your mood at that point in time.

In short, there are many ways you can really accentuate your bedroom with pillows. The best way to come up with a design that works is to simply experiment. Simply take a picture of your bed and its surroundings and come up with a color scheme that you want to design around.

Once you have a color scheme in mind, look through any dorm bedding site to find pillows in that color range. Then, try to visualize designing with the pillows that have caught your attention. That will help you get an idea of how the presentation of your bedroom will look with the pillows.

If it looks too random, then odds are that it’s not the right look. If it catches your attention, think about why the look works and try to find other pillow designs that you can work around. It’s all about being creative and having fun with the process. Once you like the look you’ve achieved, you can finally go ahead and order the bedding that you need.

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