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Tips for Making Your Bed: Lazy Person Edition

Our lives are busy. There is no arguing that. Whether we’re in school, working full time, or a combination of both, there are a million things to do in the day and not enough time to get them done. Because of our never-ending to-do lists, making our bed every morning doesn’t seem like quite a priority. 

But there is a good reason why you should make your bed every morning. 

Making your bed may not seem like something very important, but although it is something so small, it can add a pretty big meaning to the rest of your day. But making your bed also doesn’t need to be a struggle and it shouldn’t eat up a lot of your time. 

Here is the lazy person’s guide to making your bed. 

What Is So Special About Making Your Bed?

You may be sitting there wondering why making your bed is such a necessity. After all, it is only your bed and you’re the only one that sees it, right? Even if that is true, there are a number of benefits of making your bed in the morning. 

First, making your bed as soon as you roll out of it sets the mood for the entire day. When you make your bed, you’re keeping your room neat and organized. You’re not putting anything off until the last minute and you’re ensuring that no detail is left unnoticed. This is a mindset you can keep with you throughout the rest of your day.

Navy Nautical Stripe Bedding Set from Victor MillMaking your best first thing in the morning can also help to relieve anxiety. When you return home after a long day at work, a cluttered home and bed can cause you additional stress. However, when you return home to a perfectly made bed, you can allow yourself some time to relax. 

Another benefit of making your bed is that you get to start your day off with an accomplishment. By making your bed right away, you already have one item crossed off your to do list and you completed it within minutes of waking up. You’ll have a positive, winning outlook for the rest of your day. 

Even NAVY Seals make their bed each morning. As a small, simple task, properly making your bed shows that you pay attention to the details and you care about getting the right outcome. If you can pay attention to something as small as your bed making skills, you can pay close attention to the larger tasks that will come your way. 

Making Your Bed without Leaving Your Bed

Now that you finally understand why you should make your bed every morning, lets talk about what making your bed can actually look like. Making your bed doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, you can even make your bed before you even get out of it. This is what we call the “lazy person’s guide to bed making.”

To begin, simply collect the top of your blankets and any other covers that you may have. Make sure they are all properly lined up at the top. 

The next step in how to make your bed pretty involves an activity you probably learned back in elementary school. While still grabbing the top of your covers, give it a good shake, allowing you to remove any crumples in the blankets. Your covers should now fall flat and in their designated places.

With the tops of the blankets still in your hand, sit up and fold the covers over. This should give you room to slip out the side of the bed without causing too much damage to the state of the blankets.

Give the sheets a few final tugs where appropriate, straighten up your pillows, and your bed is good to go in less than one minute. 

Why You Should Make Your Bed Everyday

Making your bed may seem like a hassle, but it really isn’t. With the lazy persons guide to bed making, you can complete the task in less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee. Because it doesn’t eat up your time and can set you on track for a more organized and on-track day, you have no reason not to make bed-making a priority. 

If you want to get even more excited about making your bed, purchase some pillows, blankets, and covers that you’re excited about. When you love what your bed looks like when it is completely put together, you’ll be more tempted to get everything in place. To find something you love, take a look at our bedding options today

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