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Perfect your Room with the Big Minky

How to Perfect Your Room for Winter with The Big Minky

Having the right blanket for your room can mean the difference between having a cozy environment and a chilly one. Blankets can also accentuate various aspects of your room. The big minky blanket is our featured product for this purpose. This is a luxurious blanket made of chinchilla faux fur that provides the softness you want for comfort and the thickness you need to keep you warm.

The first thing you need that this is a minky blanket and throw. This means that this chinchilla minky blanket goes beyond the basic functionality. It can add a lot of style to your room as they add color, a layered look, and a cozier feel to your room. They can be added to your furniture, draw attention to parts of your room, and be set right where you need them (bed, chair, bench, etc). Here are some ways you perfect your room with a big minky blanket:

1. Use a Minky Blanket as Your Headboard Throw

Minky blanket American Made Dorm & HomeDraping the adult minky blanket over your headboard can add another dimension to your bed décor. It helps bring your bed to life, especially if it is entirely one light color. It’s also incredibly functional as a headboard throw. If your heavy bed blankets are making you too hot, you can switch over to the minky to cool down while still staying warm.

2. Use It to Accent Your Chairs

There are many ways to use the minky to accent your chairs. You can use it as a throw under seat cushions. You can also lay it on the back of your chair and behind the cushion to make a neutral chair pop. If your minky is too long, all you have to do is fold it according to the length of the chair’s back or simply drape it over the top of the chair. Another great idea is to drape it over the chair’s back on either side. This creates a casual look for the laid back areas of your room.

3. Place your Minky Over the Arm of Living Room Sofas

You always want to make your living space as inviting as possible. You can really make it look cozy and be functional at the same time by placing it on the arm of your living space sofas. This helps complete the winter look when combined with the right sofa cushions. You and your guests will always have a warm blanket to stay warm in the living room.

4. Lay It Over Your Bed to Add Contrast

Chinchilla minky blanket American Made Dorm & HomeSimilar to using your minky as a headboard throw to make you bed more inviting, you can lay it over the foot of the bed to add contrast to the covers and the bed pillows. This works well if you are using a few neutral colors for your bed and want to add another element to make it stand out. And of course, it makes your bed more inviting while being functional, too.

5. Spread It Diagonally Over Benches or a Lounge Chair

The large minky blanket can also be a nice addition to benches or lounge chairs. By spreading it out towards a bench or lounge chair, you create a casual comfort look. Simply tuck it at the top corner to prevent it from slipping off. If you find that your bench or lounge chair is too short, you can fold the corners of the blanket before making the spread.

6. Use your Large Minky as a Daytime Sleeping Blanket

Since it’s a large and warm blanket, you can use it as a daytime blanket on your bed or lounge chair. The blanket is comfortable to use because it’s not as heavy as a winter blanket and has a soft texture that’s perfect for short naps and lazy lounging. Simply cover your bed or chair as you would with a normal blanket. This will allow you to create your own personal, cozy sanctuary!

Those are just some of the many ways you can use the minky blanket to accessorize your room. You can use the blanket for everything from a throw, chair accent, living room accessory, bed décor, to your personal go-to lazy accessory. This blanket is stylishly versatile while also being functional. Our big minky would also be a perfect addition to your dorm bedding or home bedding mix.

Minkys also make fantastic gifts for the holidays. It’s a gift everyone will appreciate due to its luxurious quality and the comfort it brings during the winter season. Once you try the minky blanket, you’ll find yourself buying extras for all the rooms in your house.

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Large minky blanket American Made Dorm & Home

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