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Make the Move - Say Bye to Your Dorm and Hello Apartment!

So you're finally grown up and in college and you feel like you have everything going for you!

Until you walk into your dorm room and realize you would rather be living on your own. Sure, the dorm had its time and place as a kickstart to your new life outside of your mom and dad's house, but you are ready to move into your own space without having to share a room with another student or dealing with privacy issues.

Prep In Your Step Decoration GuideWhile finding the apartment to call your home may be easy, you may not have realized how finding cool apartment decor or other cool things for a college apartment may not be a piece of cake. It takes commitment to making your apartment more than just a place to live, but with a few tips and ideas, you can have the coolest living space around.

These should help you get started!

Tips on Decorating Your Brand New Apartment

You want a place that you can invite friends over for parties or spend quality alone time with your significant other. It goes without saying that a clean and organized apartment is the most important thing you should think about, but making sure you have cool things in your apartment also helps you make a great impression.

From your bedding to the living room furniture, your kitchen appliances, and the bathroom towels, everything works together to help your place look and feel livable. In fact, you want it to feel more than just livable; you want it to feel inviting!

Setting up your apartment may at first be just about the basics, but you will want to take time to think about how you want YOUR place to look. From the bed frame to the coffee table, every choice is in your hands and you don't have to worry about a pesky dorm mate being upset with your decisions.

Perhaps you don't know where to start and that is why you are turning to the vast expanse of the internet for ideas on how you can transform your apartment into a space that is uniquely you.

The following are some ideas for the first time apartment decorator:

1. Determine your personal style

While nautical theme décor may be what your friends are into, it doesn't mean that you will feel at home with that type of decoration. Deciding on a theme or set of themes or colors that are right for you is the first step before going out and buying your new items and décor.

For example, you may like the idea of giant "bean Bean Bag Bluebags" as your living room furniture as they offer the ultimate comfort in your book, whereas a friend might consider leather couches to be chic and trendy.

2. Go all out on your bedroom décor and bedding

As a student, you will find that your bed will be your safe haven and a high priority in your life. You want it to be comfortable, relaxing, and you also want it to look good for guests who want a tour of our new apartment.

3. Shop for your apartment decor wisely

You are in college which isn't cheap, and you may be supporting yourself full time. It may not be so easy to find cool things for a college apartment that are affordable yet made out of high quality materials, but it is possible. Purchasing a couple pairs of bed sheets and comforters at great prices can ensure that you will always have a clean and organized bedroom, which will make your investment worth it in the long run.

Have some fun with your apartment décor.



After all, you are still young. Invest in a pool or ping pong table, set up a bar, or even install a dart board on the wall. These simple cool things will make a difference in not only the style and look of your apartment but also in making it feel like home.

Have you thought about motivational decoration?

Sure, it may seem a bit corny, but when it comes to college you may need all the motivation that you can get wherever you can get it. At the very least your mom will like it. If you want to keep it cool, memes can also be surprisingly motivating if not hilarious.

In Conclusion

You can make your new college apartment look incredible, and there is no doubt you will want to after living in a dorm. Having your own space will make all the difference and you will love the freedom that having your own apartment can bring. You can make your place stand out from the rest with cool décor and an original style that is as unique as you are.

To help you set up your home and specifically your bedroom, why not check out the great collection by American Made Dorm & Home? It may be just what you are looking for with affordable prices and top quality materials made only in the USA.


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