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How to Care For Your Bedding
Learning how to take care of your bed sheets is an easy way to retain their quality and comfort for a long time to come. 

How to Take Care of Your Bed Sheets

Before you begin washing sheets, take some preparatory steps: 

1. Remove any spots. To remove oily, greasy stains, wet the area and then apply a small amount of dish soap. Massage the mixture into the spot lightly with your fingertips or, if the linens aren't too fragile, a nail brush.

2. If you're planning on washing your linens with other laundry, separate out any clothes with zippers or other metal elements. These can cause abrasions and pilling in linens. 

3. Close all enclosures on your linens. Velcro and buttons can get caught on the washing machine or other items of laundry and ruin your linens.

Navy Trellis Bedding Set from Victor MillsNow that you're ready to begin to wash the bedding, read the label on the detergent to find out the manufacturer's recommended amount for washing linen sheets, and then use less than that amount. Excessive detergent over time will weaken the fabric's fibers. 

Do not use a detergent with fabric softener, and do not add fabric softener. It will coat the linen fibers and cause them to break down. Avoid bleach when you wash bedding as well. Even the bleach in toothpastes and some medicated skin care products can create spots in sheets. 

Next, before placing your linens into the washing machine, fill it with the water and detergent to allow the mixture to combine. Only after the water has fully diluted the soap should you add your linens. Never apply laundry detergent directly to bed sheets as it can cause discoloration. 

Now you're ready to wash your linens. Wash them in either cold or warm water. Hot water is not necessary as today's detergents are powerful enough without it.

How to Dry Your Bed Sheets

Made in USA Sheets by DreamFitCaring for your sheets properly requires not only washing them with but drying them with care too. The best way to dry bed sheets is to line dry them, if you're able. If not, plan on removing your bed sheets from the dryer before they are completely dry. And don't add fabric softener dryer sheets to the load either. Lint can stick to them, which makes them abrasive and could cause pilling. After you remove the linens from the dryer, drape them over a drying rack and, with the assistance of another person, stretch out each one as you fold it.

Other questions commonly asked about how to wash bedding include how often do you wash a comforter and how often do you have to wash your pillow.

How Often Do You Wash a Comforter

Unlike linen bed sheets, which should be washed every 2 weeks at minimum, comforters only need to be washed 2 or 3 times each year. Wash the comforter in a washing machine on a low temperature and a delicate cycle. Since comforters are made of all sorts of materials, check the care instructions on the tag, or contact the manufacturer, to find out if your comforters has any special care instructions. Dry it in the dryer on a low heat, adding a few tennis balls to plump it back up. Protect your comforter from the need for excessive washing by placing a duvet cover over it, which you can wash as often as you wash your bed sheets. 

How Often Do You Have to Wash Your Pillow

Your pillow, like your comforter, should only be washed a couple or a few times per year. If the tag with the care instructions is still intact, read and follow those instructions. Otherwise, wash your pillow on a gentle cycle with warm water. Since you're not washing it that often, you could even give it a second rinse in cold water and spin it partially dry before you place it in the dryer on low heat to tumble dry the rest of the way. Be sure to turn and fluff it frequently throughout. 

Caring for sheets and extending their life is a simple task that pays you back inordinately in money saved, unexpected laundry disasters prevented, and long nights of deep, pleasant sleep prolonged into the foreseeable future. To start fresh with new bedding add some modern style to your bedroom, check out our bedding options now!



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