How often should You Buy New Bed Sheets?

How often should sheets be replaced? We all have to deal with sheets and other bedding on a daily basis, whether making the bed or washing and folding the laundry. We rarely consider the question of how long should you keep bed sheets. Yet, regular replacement of sheets is important, both for hygiene and for protecting the expensive investment of your mattress. 

Why Replace Bed Sheets?

Bedding seems like one of those parts of a home that shouldn't need replacing. After all, it doesn't seem like the bed is used as often as, say, your favorite chair or appliances in the kitchen. But actually, if you are getting the required eight hours of sleep a night, you are using your bed about a third of the day! Old skin cells, hair, sweat, and dirt from your body end up on the sheets, which is why they have to be washed often.

This constant washing and drying cycle is what wears out bed sheets. Since they are in contact with your body, washing should be done at high temperatures with strong detergents.  Most washing machines use their hottest temperatures with the "cotton" setting. Washing with hot temperatures, followed by an aggressive tumble drying, slowly pulls apart the threads of the sheets. Over time, this causes your sheets to fray and develop holes. 

How Often Should You Buy New Sheets?

The writer of an eBay home blog agrees that the constant cycle of washing and drying the sheets is what ultimately leads to damaged or frayed bed sheets. While the writer doesn't give a specific timeframe for replacement, the writer does give several things to look for in your sheets, particularly stains and discoloration. When the sheets start to look visibly thin and worn, that is a good time to replace the sheets.

Martha Stewart, in an article on bedding care doesn't provide a specific hard-and-fast rule about when to buy new bed sheets, either. She agrees that because different brands may wear at different rates it's impossible to know how long a brand may last. Therefore, rather than set a certain time after purchase to replace old sheets with new bedding, she suggests looking for visible signs of aging. Sheets that have become threadbare, have stains or discoloration, are pilling or have rips or tears are prime candidates for replacement.

Other Times to Replace Bed Sheets

Replacing sheets when they're worn out is not the only time to replace them, however. While sometimes you may feel like you just need a change of scenery, or you would like to match the colors of the sheets to a newly painted wall or change of bedroom decor, there is a practical time when a sheet change should occur: the purchase of a new mattress.

Obviously, if the mattress is a different size than the old mattress, replacement of old sheets with new sheets is a given. However, even if the mattress is the same size, it is a good idea to replace sheets, too. Sheets act as a protective barrier to the mattress in many ways, and are cheaper than the mattress they protect. Therefore, particularly after investing in a nice new mattress, it makes sense to protect that investment by buying a set of new sheets. And who doesn't like the feeling of soft, new sheets on a brand new mattress?

Buy New Bed Sheets Online!

So how often should sheets be replaced? Like so many things, it depends, both on the brand of the sheets and on how often you are washing them. But there is a consensus among home experts that when the sheets become worn, that is the best time to change. Combined with purchases to match new decor or to protect your mattress, these are the best times for change!

Buying bed sheets or other home goods can be frustrating at stores, because your selection is often limited by whatever happens to be in stock. Rather than rolling the dice and taking a chance on the availability of the bedding that you are interested in, the infinite variety of online sheet shopping is definitely your best bet. You can compare and contrast colors, styles, and thread counts, all from the comfort of your favorite chair. If you are interested in new, premium bed sheets--and let's be honest, who isn't?--then take a look at our high-quality bed sheet options today!

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