Bedroom Bliss: The Benefits of American Made Bed Sheets

The excellent construction of American made bedding offers customers the chance to purchase products that will hold up through years of use and repeated washings. By using the finest quality fabrics and a unique elastic band application to guarantee a snug, smooth fit, American made bedding can guarantee a comfortable night's sleep.

A Word About Thread Count

Bed Sheets Made in the USAWhile many manufacturers offer thread counts upward of 800, it's important to note that thread length has more of an impact than thread count in terms of wear and comfort. Short fiber cottons may be sold at a higher thread count, but those short fibers will pill and cause sheets to lose their smooth softness. As the fibers untwist and pill, the bedding will lose the soft smooth feel found in long fiber cotton fabric.

Whenever possible, do your best to determine the fiber length of the bedding you're considering. If a label claims 100% cotton, chances are very good it's a short fiber cotton product. They may feel soft when purchased, but will not hold up to long use or repeated washings. 

A Guarantee Of Quality

USA made sheets must adhere to strict manufacturing standards. Additionally, all fabrics used in the making of sheets made in the USA must submit to strength testing to confirm fiber strength and durability. Finally, the yarn construction, fiber length, thread count and type used in the bedding must be carefully tracked to confirm that matching sheet sets made in the USA are all built from the same thread count, fiber construction, and dye lot. Confirming these critical construction points guarantees that your sheet sets will wear evenly through repeated washings and maintain consistent color.

Unique Styles

Bedroom Bliss: The Benefits of American Made Bed Sheets The USA made bed sheets offered by American Made Dorm & Home are available in a wide variety of styles, materials and colors. An elegant sheet fabric construction is found in the 
Superior Quilted Tencel sheets from American Made Dorm & Home. These unique sheets are built of quilted Tencel fabric. Their quilted pattern makes them too pretty to hide!

Tencel fabric is made from eucalyptus trees and is highly absorbent. The smooth feel of these sheets comes from the very small but strong fibers created from the eucalyptus plant that make a very strong fabric. Tencel is also noted to keep sleepers cool by allowing air to pass through the quilted sheet construction, and Tencel is less likely to wrinkle. One of these top sheets would make an ideal comforter cover, or might even serve as a bedspread on warm nights.

American Made Dorm & Home also produces a bamboo product in their bed sheets made in the USA. This fabric is built to wick moisture away from your skin and to feel silky. Finally, because bamboo is an easily renewable source, these sheets offer long wear and environmental sustainability.

If you prefer bedding with a sheen, consider the Deep Pocket Sateen Bed Sheets. These sheets are an ideal pick for cool weather because of their very tight weave and smooth, almost shiny finish. Sateen weaves are ideal for holding in warmth and keeping sleepers cozy. Sateen is also unlikely to wrinkle in the dryer, so if you're protecting your comforter with a triple-sheet bedding combination, you can be assured of a lovely fabric finish for the top layer. 

Patented Ingenuity

In addition to quality fabrics in striking colors and patterns, American Made Home & Dorm also offers a reduction in frustration. If you've ever struggled to keep fitted sheets actually fitted to the mattress, you know the struggle of failed elastic. Thanks to an elastic band construction that actually tailors the sheet to your mattress, American Made sheets will lie flat to the mattress from dusk until dawn. The patented DreamFit band offers sturdy width and far more strength than can be found on ordinary sheets.

Invest In Your Well-Being!

Premium Bed Sheets by Dream FitExperts say that humans need 
seven to eight hours of quality sleep every day to maintain good health. While mattress and pillow selection are very important in this choice, any night you have to get up to chase down the corners of a fitted sheet isnot a good night's sleep! 

With the beautiful products available from American Home & Dorm that offer customers the chance to choose light, breathable bamboo or snugly woven sateen, your choice can be simple. Invest in the bedding that allows you to rest deeply and recharge your mind and body.

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