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7 Essential Items for Your Dorm Room

The Essential Items for your Dorm Room

College is the most exciting time of your life. You have freedom for the first time, and you also have the opportunity to blossom as a young academic. One of the first steps you will make as a college student is moving into your dorm room. Your dorm room is where freshmen memories will be made, but when you first arrive your dorm room may need a little work. The room will be barren and your bed may be uncomfortable.

If you want to have an amazing college experience, then you must gather these seven dorm room essentials

The Perfect Posters

Marc Allante Girl Blowing Dandelion Under Umbrella Paint Rain Modern Contemporary Decorative Art Poster Print 12x24Posters are a dorm room staple. They allow your visitors to see what bands, movies, and ideas you get excited about. You need to stop by a poster sale and find the right posters for your dorm room. Find one with your favorite scene from a movie, or your favorite band. Putting posters up is the perfect way to decorate your first college dorm room.


A micro-fridge is critical for any college student. The dining hall is okay, but some days you just want to go back to your room and eat. A quality micro-fringe will let you store all of your favorite snacks. When you move into your dorm room, you should immediately plug your fridge in and stock it with your favorite drinks and snacks. Dorm life will be a lot cooler with the help of a micro-fridge.


The microwave is the king of dorm room cooking. When you get back from a tough class, you will want a warm bowl of macaroni or some ramen. A good microwave will give you wonderful eating options, and it can cook almost anything in just minutes. Popcorn, noodles, and leftovers can all be your. Pick a great microwave before you leave for your dorm room.

The perfect lamp

Most dorm rooms include a roommate. Your roommate will probably be your first friend on campus. You'll go to parties together, study together, and you may even become best friends. Unfortunately, you and your roommate will not always be perfectly in sync. Your roommate will probably have a different schedule from you, and you need a way to study during the late hours. A good lamp will enable you to stay on task without bothering your roommate. Get a great desk lamp and stay on track academically without keeping your roommate awake.

Great dorm bedding

Navy and White Metro Dorm BeddingBeds take up most of the space in your dorm room. If your bed does not look good, then your room will be less appealing to visitors. Fortunately, there are several great bedding options. Check out
American Made Dorm & Home. They have a huge selection of dorm room bedding options. Their bedding is extremely comfortable, and very decorative. Whether you are a man or a woman, you are sure to find a bedding option that you will find appealing. The bedding offered by American Made Dorm is extremely comfortable, so you will get the sleep you need to get through a rough college schedule. You simply must have the best dorm room bedding for your new room!

Great clothes hangers

When you are wondering what to get for a college dorm, you almost definitely overlook clothes hangers. Hangers are an essential part of college dorm life. Many of your floormates will insist that folding their shirts and pants and putting them in a chest is okay, but you should know better. By hanging your shirts and pants, you ensure that you always have a crisp clean look that will impress your professors and classmates alike. Pick up some great hangers, and you will have the most organized closet in your dorm!

A television

Many believe that televisions are outdated for dorm rooms, but nothing could be further from the truth. A small flat screen television is the perfect addition to any dorm room. Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming options allow you to transform your dorm room into a theater at a moment's notice. Movies and television shows are a great way to bond with floormates, and they make great date night options. You absolutely need a great television before you move into a dorm room.

When you are packing your car for move-in day, you are definitely going to wonder what to bring when moving into a dorm. There are thousands of possibilities, but there are only a few essentials. Make sure you have everything you need when moving into a dorm room. If you prepare for your first year of college properly, you are sure to have a great first year in college.

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