35 Cool Ideas for your Apartment Decor

Update Your Apartment with these 35 Tips!

Apartment living can be challenging. Not only do you have to deal with noisy neighbors, but you also have a small living space. Fortunately, there are many ideas for apartment decor to make your living space feel homier and less cramped. Here is a list of things for your first apartment.

Idea #1: Use Some Paint

While most apartments frown on painting your space, adding some paint to your space can transform it and make it feel like a home. Just be sure to revert to the original drab color before you move out if you want your security deposit back.

Idea #2: Hang Real Curtains

Curtains by American Made DormThis is of the best (and easiest!) college apartment decor ideas, adding dimension and warmth to a room.

Idea #3: Go Neutral With Accents

If painting walls is not your thing, keep the neutral color your apartment came with and use accent colors with throw pillowsblankets, and baskets.

Idea #4: Use Light Colors

Use lighter colors to help keep your apartment feeling more open and spacious.
Idea #5: Cover The Floor

Whether your apartment has carpets or hard flooring, area rugs are cool things to have in an apartment to add warmth and dimension.

Idea #6: DIY Architecture

Many affordable apartments are architecturally bland. Change this with architectural lines you add to the walls with either paint or cut vinyl. 

Idea #7: Replace Lighting Fixtures

Change out the lighting fixtures to add even more of a personal touch to your apartment. Just be sure you practice safe electrical handling by turning off the breakers while replacing them, and keep the old fixtures to put back up before you leave. 

Idea #8: Cover Furniture

Affordable furniture can be boring, and oftentimes mismatched. Use inexpensive coverings to give this furniture a new life and help it fit your décor style. 

Idea #9: Invest In Your Bed

You need to be able to sleep well. Invest in a good mattress, but also in linens that enhance the look of your bedroom as well as feel great on your skin.

Idea #10: Help Your Apartment Float

Floating shelves are an increasingly popular interior design trend, and are cool things to have in your first apartment. In apartments, they can easily add storage space, but can also function as a gallery display that is easy to change as you want to refresh your living space.

Idea #11: Personalize Your Accessories

Accessories that match your personality can be really cool things for a college apartment. These can be coasters, serving trays, faux candles, and more.

Idea #12: Open Up Your Storage

When your storage space is lacking, harken to the popular metal shelves made famous in kitchen shows. Keep it clean, use bowls or baskets for smaller items, and add a few decorative touches for fun.

Idea #13: Utilize An Entry

Many apartments do not have a proper entryway. Use a bench, a chair, or a free-standing nook to create a space for items right inside the door.

Idea #14: Reflection Perfection

Mirrors can be your best friend in an apartment. Adding strategically placed decorative mirrors throughout the apartment cam make it seem more open and spacious.

Idea #15: Maximize Entertaining Space

Items like a television can take up valuable real estate in a small apartment. Hang whatever you can on a wall and save flat surfaces for when you are entertaining.

Idea #16: Chic Furniture Opens Up Your Space

You need things like a table, desk and chairs. Using chic furniture, especially glass or clear tabletops and chairs, can help your space feel open and welcoming.

Idea #17: Alternative Furniture Is In

Forget the idea of having to use the same furniture your parents had. Alternative forms of furniture is a growing trend. Try using garden stools or lightweight potters as night stands or coffee tables. These are much lighter and easier to navigate when moving and are something that will add personality without taking up a lot of space.

Idea #18: Bathroom Furniture

Try adding a narrow table or sturdy chair to your bathroom to help add a convenient place for your towels or other bathroom necessities.

Idea #19: Join The Curtain Conspiracy

If you have a large wall space that has a window in the middle, get rid of the blank wall by hanging curtains across the wall. This makes the room seem larger, and adds more character.

Idea #20: Make Furniture Multitask

When space is limited everything has to provide the utmost function. Consider furniture pieces that can pull double or triple duty. For instance, day beds are a great option for one bedroom flats that double as a couch.

Idea # 21: Faux Storage

If you like the look of built-in storage, you can make your own using a couple of tall book cases that go nearly to the ceiling, then add a little trip at the top.

Idea #22: Maximum Storage

Rather than trying to have discreet storage for different rooms, go for a larger set of shelves that can work as storage for multiple rooms, then place then place the shelves in a central location.

Idea #23: Kiss Blank Walls Goodbye

Blank walls make an apartment seem sterile and uninviting. Use several simple frames with pictures you like to fill some of the dead space and add life to the wall. 

Idea #24: Pillow Personality

Decorate with Pillows from American Made Dorm & HomePillows can add a lot of personality and life to a room. Use colorful throw pillows on chairs, couches and your bed to brighten things up a bit.

Idea #25: Light It Up

Add some lighting to your space with table floor lamps. This keeps light evenly distributed and brightens up your rooms.

Idea #26: Add Complementary shapes

Most apartments are symmetrically square or rectangular. Adding curves and other angles around the room helps to break the monotony. 

Idea #27: Make More With Metal

Like adding mirrors to your room, having metal accents around the room help to provide a sense that the room is open and spacious.

Idea #28: Do not Waste Corners

Be sure to use your corners for storage, seating and other furniture. This can save you a lot of space around your apartment.

Idea #29: Use Mobile Furniture

Keep in mind that you are likely going to move every year or two. As you invest in furniture, be sure it is not too heavy, and easily moved.

Idea #30: Add Foliage

Adding plants to your living space can add needed color, as well as provide additional oxygen, both of which nourish your mind.

Idea #31: Use Vertical Stripes

If you have low ceilings, consider using vertical stripes, such as on your curtains, to help the room feel taller.

Idea #32: Add Antiquity

Inexpensive antique items, such as kettles and silverware, add a lot of character to an otherwise boring room. Use them as accents to bring in a little life.

Idea #33: Think Portable

Moving around your furniture occasionally can help breathe new life into your space. Be sure your furniture is portable enough you can easily move it.

Idea #34: Go European

You do not necessarily need large pieces of furniture. Try European style sleek furniture, or going for small pieces, like chairs over a couch.

Idea #35: Play With Patterns

Use multiple patterns, such as on pillows and blankets, to keep your space active and lively.

As you can see, there are many ideas for apartment decor to make it enjoyable, despite being a small space. Have fun, and find what works best for you.

Coral Bedding from American Made Dorm


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