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We found the best site for DIY projects for the dorm, and we want to share it with you! As you begin planning your dorm decor, take whatever time you have this summer for a few DIY projects to make your dorm a home. Check out the article on "15 Colorful Headboard Designs" by Homesthetics. Some of these are better suited for the home, but some can be translated into dorm. Take the lunar headboard and think about adding twinkle lights (which are really popular in dorms) against a solid background or fabric tacked or stapled to canvas.


Or, you can order a velcro-on headboard from American Made Dorm (Visit: Headboards) in any fabric and we'll ship it to home or school. It just sticks to the wall with velcro, and doesn't leave a sticky residue when removed. This is our "Chipper" pattern in Gray. Having a headboard is a HUGE plus in the dorm. Think about all the days and nights you'll spend sitting in your bed studying, reading, hanging out. Wouldn't you rather lean against a soft, 3 inch foam headboard than a cement wall?

Need help with your dorm decor? Call our dorm design team or email us today at and we'll get right back to you!

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