When choosing your dorm comforter, first consider quality. Our made in USA twin XL comforters are twice the thickness of what you'll buy from the big residence hall dorm provider. This is an actual photo of our comforter on the right vs. theirs - made overseas. A dorm comforter made in USA by American Made Dorm is made to last all four years and beyond. We guarantee it. Your comforter and pillow sham will withstand dozens and dozens of washings and still look crisp and new. Plus, it won't fray after washing.

Made in USA comforters do cost more, but they are made to last. Consider if you have to replace your comforter after a semester or a year (feedback we hear about bedding made overseas)... then consider that cost vs. buying one high quality comforter that is made to last. Choosing an all cotton twin XL comforter from American Made Dorm is a choice you'll not regret! Visit our website today at

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