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So, what is the purpose of college? Sure, the main reason most people attend college is to learn extensive knowledge about a subject in order to prepare for a future career. Maybe making new lifelong friends is your number one priority. Maybe you’re just going because all your high school friends are and it's what you’re expected to do as well. Whatever your reason is, here’s one you may not have thought about, yet is arguably the most important reason why you should attend college: You will learn life skills that will be crucial in any field of work you may go into.

 Some of these life skills include:

  • Organization skills
  • Social/People skills

Time management is absolutely crucial for success in college so you can meet the deadlines set for that big exam or that end of the semester research project that is looming over your head all day. My best advice? START NOW! Don’t wait. Get it done. Be proactive! Procrastination=stress! And stressing can lead to all sorts of other bad things like lack of sleep (which we all desperately need), anxiety, overeating or loss of appetite, or even breaking out. No one wants any of these things! The best way to be stress-free is to be proactive and get started on that project today.

Some ways to better manage your time include:

  • Create a daily plan (and stick to it!)
  • Set a time limit for each task
  • Get a good planner/agenda
  • Learn how to say “no”
  • Block out distractions- this is a tough one, I know :) 
  • Make the library your new BFF
  • Resist social media while studying (those instagram notifications will still be there later)
  • Prioritize!!!!

By practicing these habits regularly, they will become a way of life and you will soon become a master at time management. This skill will be extremely marketable when you graduate and are looking for a job. It will also help you be more successful during your college experience!

Staying organized is another important skill you will learn in college and will carry into your career. By being organized, you will be more productive and have more free time to have some fun!

After college, you will be interviewing for jobs, meeting new people, and making tons of first impressions. Don’t you want it to be a good one?! It’s very important to be remembered and to learn great people skills in order to communicate efficiently. By giving speeches, talking to professors, and meeting new people at your school, you will learn how to interact with people and make a great first impression.

So remember that college is an exciting time and the perfect opportunity to mold yourself into the best version of yourself! 

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