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We've been gathering lots of great articles on college dorm decor, college space saving tips, DIY, and the best of the best "tips" for those of you heading off to college. Take a look at this great article by Jessica Booth

25 Dorm Room Tips, Tricks and Hacks Every College Student Needs To Know, for some really great little tips that will make your life easier on move in day and throughout your first semester!

In the past, we've posted some of our favorite ideas, mostly insights from our college interns. Looking back, some of the favorite posts from last year included our post on closet curtains. Do you know most new dormitories don't have doors on the closets? That makes for one messy look that you can cure easily with a closet curtain

Many college and boarding school dorm rooms today have closets without closet doors so that the closets are open and often take up an entire wall of your room. It's difficult to keep your dorm room closet organized due to its size and how busy you can be with classes, activities, and a social life. If you don't have a closet door and your closet is unorganized, the room can appear even more cluttered than it already is. A messy room makes it hard to concentrate while studying and is not a great sight when you are trying to entertain in your room. So what is the solution? Closet curtains!


You can easily purchase a suspension rod to hang curtains from to hide your closet. Using cute curtains (even ones that match your decor) adds an additional decorative touch to your room! American Made Dorm offers custom order closet curtains here. They come in Tiffany Blue Chevron, Coral Chevron, Yellow Metro, Turquoise Metro, and Coral Metro. They have button holes so that you can hang them on the rod with ribbons (really cute, see photo above) or shower curtain rings.

Another tip is to be sure and have a message board on your door so you can leave your roommate a note (or leave yourself a note). There are so many neat dry erase boards that are decorative, like the Wall Pops that come in simple black and white to bright colors. They have a sticky back so you can move them around and they don't leave any sign of being moved. Dorm life means lots of messages so don't be without a message board. The dry erase board is a great solution. Wall Pops also come in maps... this map of the USA is also dry erase  and moveable. Fun to mark your travels, spring break, or wish list! Check back with us next week for more tips on dorm survival!




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