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Having just finished four years in college and lots of dorm and apartment living, here are some dorm 101 tips from Alex Hutchison, Marketing Intern with American Made Dorm.
    • Share! Communicate with your roommate before hand in order to find out who’s bringing what. There is no point in both of you bringing a fridge, TV or a microwave, and even if there was you wouldn’t have enough room to do so! I already had a small TV at home, and luckily my roommate had a mini fridge so it worked out perfectly. Talk to your roommate and figure out who should bring what in order to save on costs and space. I also found that when buying items for both of you to use, whether it’s a microwave or storage cubes, it is best for each of you to buy one item rather than splitting the total cost. That way when it is time to move out, you won’t have to deal with figuring out who gets what.
    • Coordinate! Even if you aren’t into the idea of buying the exact bedding as your roommate (you are likely to have different tastes in décor) try to coordinate your colors and bedding. By doing so your room will feel much more homey and even a little bigger because it won’t seem as if there are two completely different sides! I didn’t move in with my roommate until later, so we had two different comforters. However, since mine was all white and hers was white, yellow and gray I was able to buy throw pillows for my bedding that tied our room décor together. Not only do pillows add a ton of personality to your room, they are great to have when you are studying all night in your dorm room. You won’t want to lean up against a bare cinder block wall all night! We have a variety of accent pillows to choose from at, as well as some pretty euro shams that are great for monogramming.
Monogramming by American Made Dorm White Euro Sham with Aqua Piping Elephant Pillow by American Made Dorm Gray Chevron Pillow by American Made Dorm
Hot Pink Pillow American Made Dorm Navy Chevron Pillow American Made Dorm Menagerie by American Made Dorm Tiffany Blue Stripe by American Made Dorm
Wide Turquoise Chevron by American Made Dorm Yellow Metro by American Made Dorm
  • We also have rugs and curtains (think CLOSET CURTAINS to hide the mess) to choose from, which are two items I would strongly suggest to help bring your whole dorm room together (not to mention keeping your feet warm…cold floors are awful in the fall and winter months).
  • Decorate! You are going to be living in this room for at least a year, so you might as well make it enjoyable! Most dorm room walls are made of cinder blocks and I’m not sure it can get any more boring than that. After you’re settled in, have a craft night with your roommate and make DIY projects to cover those bland walls.There are tons and tons of tutorials and guidelines on Pinterest and various other websites so I am sure you can find something you want to make for your room. Even if you don’t consider yourself “crafty,” give it a try! You will be surprised at how much you can do on your own if you just follow the steps. Another plus of painting your own canvases or building your own jewelry holder is that it is much cheaper than buying them from a store. Make the best of it and have fun decorating your room. After all, it will be your home for the next 9 months. Have fun with it!

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