This post is written by Alex Hutchison, marketing intern for American Made Dorm. A recent college grad, she's got some great insights for incoming freshmen.

As a recent college graduate, and by recent, I mean less than two weeks ago, I find myself reminiscing on my time in college quite often.  As a Western Kentucky Hilltopper, I experienced many new and unforgettable things; but, as crazy as this may sound, I think living in the dorm is one of my fondest memories.  Most people hear the word “dorm” and automatically give it a negative connotation. I won't lie, I probably had a negative attitude towards it coming in. Having a sister who is only 17 months younger than you means you share everything growing up when you have a family of six. From clothes to dolls to Barbie jeeps, and even a room with reversible bedding so we could mix and match.  There were times we loved it, and of course times we wanted to kill each other.  Needless to say, you can imagine our excitement when our parents decided to build a house where everyone would have their own room. I would finally have my own space and all the freedom in the world to decorate it and arrange it however I pleased, which is something I have always had a passion for. I made that room my home for about six years until it was time to move away to college, which meant the “dreaded” dorm I had always heard about.  How was I supposed to move from my own private sanctuary at home to what seemed like a 2x4 box with a girl I would never be as close to as my own sister?!  Well, it was a major adjustment to say the least.  For starters, I’m girl with lots of things- clothes, shoes, pillows, nick nacks, you name it.  I'm also the girl that wanted my dorm room to look like it came straight off of Pinterest.  I wanted it to be picture perfect, cozy and quaint, and a place my roommates and I could call home for the next year. Just as everything in life goes, it didn't turn out exactly how I had thought! I’ve put together a list that might help your transition.

1) Expect the unexpected. Things won't go as planned. Whether you get stuck with a random roommate at first who could care less what your new “home” looks like or you forgot you'd need a mattress pad to make the bed more comfy , more than likely something will go wrong. Just breathe and remember you're about to have the best four years of your life! Things will work out, they did for me and they will for you too!

2) Plan ahead. One thing I found is that once I got to school, I didn't want to spend my time going to thrift stores to find the perfect lamp or to a craft store for canvases to paint for those bland walls.  Talk to your roommate ahead of time to see where she stands and make sure you have all necessary grounds covered!

3) Have fun! For most of you it's probably the first time you'll be living on your own. Use unexpected items for everyday purposes. For example, my roommate and I used curtains to cover our closets! Not only does it hide your clothes, but it adds some personality to your new home. Bunk your beds, or rearrange your room after the first semester for a fresh perspective! Coordinate your bedding with fun throw pillows and blankets. Trust me, it makes living in that tiny box much more enjoyable to come home to. Plus it makes the room seem bigger rather than two separate sides. Hopefully, with these tips your transition to dorm life will go much smoother. Enjoy it while you can because in four years from now, you'll wish you were moving into that 2x4 box and starting all over!

Alex Hutchison

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