Dorm Headboards - Make Your Dorm The Envy Of Your Hall!

Dorm headboards....this is a great new concept in dorm decor! We think it's a fabulous (and unique) addition to your dorm room.

Leaving home is one of the hardest parts about heading off to college. You leave behind your favorite place - - - your room and all its memories. Why not make your dorm a home? You can build a really special place of your own by selecting the colors, fabrics, and patterns that reflect your taste.

The dorm headboard by American Made Dorm is really easy to install. It has strong velcro strips on the back that adhere to the walls in just about one minute. You can select from dozens of fabrics. Pick a favorite that coordinates with your dorm bedding and accent pillows and you'll create a unique space to call your own.

If you are coordinating your room design with your roommate, can you imagine a better look that this? Matching headboards! You can even have them monogrammed.

Take a look at this great dorm decor option and have fun decorating your room!

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