We are in love with the idea of covering up the unattractive cement block walls in a dorm. There are so many ways you can accomplish this. The easiest - but most expensive method - is to buy peel and stick wallpaper. A cheaper alternative is to buy some fabric and attach it to the wall. Yes, this can be done! We've got a video clip below from Rachel Ray below with instructions. You  can also do the same thing with any kind of papers or even rolls of wrapping paper in a pattern that you love.

What a great way to change the look of those cold cement block walls! Some of the pre-made options are a bit pricey, but we've also been able to find some very reasonable options, as well. What's really fun about this is how easily you can coordinate the wallpaper with your dorm comforter or duvet, accent pillows, and a specially made headboard. American Made Dorm offers over 25 different styles, colors and patterns for dorm bedding and accent or throw pillows. Start by deciding on a comforter design, add the accent pillows or monogrammed euro shams, then decide on the wallpaper (or fabric) to match. If you want a headboard, we can make it for you in the same or a coordinating fabric. The headboards are velcro-on and easy to "install" on the back of the wall. Your room WILL be the envy of your hall!

Check out a few of these peel and stick wallpaper ideas. The first two are by Simple Shapes.







These are a bit pricey, at $35 per sheet, measuring 24" x 48",  but they are beautiful.  We love this pattern and we feature it in our dorm bedding in three colors: Cool Grey Quatrefoil, Sky Blue Quatrefoil, and Red Quatrefoil. Consider wallpapering one small wall as an accent to your bedding.

Another great option is by Devine Color (we found it at Target). It's really reasonably priced and covers about 27 square feet for $29.99 a roll.  Shown here is a traditional black and white damask plus some other trellis/quatrefoil patterns.

Black and White Damask devine colors black and white devine colors damask devine colors peel and stick at target

Gray Chevron is still on the top of the charts, and Devine offers a gray chevron peel and stick wallpaper that we really like.  If you are looking for something to offset the chevron, they also make a big stripe pattern for the wall.

We love pairing our Yellow Metro Dorm Bedding with the Big Gray Chevron wallpaper as an accent. Yellow and Gray make such a pretty color combination!

Now, if any of the store bought peel and stick wallpapers just don't fit your dorm decor, don't despair! You can mount your OWN wallpaper using fabric or paper patterns of your own. It is easier than you might imagine. This is a great segment on Rachel Ray about how to apply fabric or paper to the wall.  It's only 3 minutes, so take a look at this video!

Wallpapering the walls is just another way you can make your dorm a home. Need help designing, decorating, or just figuring out where to start? Call the American Made Dorm team and we'll get you started. Or, email us and we'll answer your questions.

Contact us at American Made Dorm & Home (502) 855-3422 or Happy Dorm Decorating!



This wall papers are fresh and clear. I love them, i would like to install it in my own room.

Oct 23, 2014

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