We've been looking around at different options for storage space with the idea that we could pair it down to a few really great ideas for all of you. There are SO many storage options, and we really like a ton of them. We did find the price ranges differed pretty dramatically.

If we had to pick a favorite, it was Way Basics storage cube. These cubes are reasonably priced, have tool-free assembly, are eco friendly, being made from zBoard Paperboard, and are non toxic and formaldehyde free! Plus, they come in a bunch of great colors. We had fun pairing up their colored cubes with the dorm bedding and college comforters offered by American Made Dorm & Home. They come in different sizes, and they are stackable.


We looked to see where they are manufactured. Their website gives this information: Way Basics furniture is made on the beautiful island of Taiwan. Taiwan inherited advanced paper engineering and manufacturing processes enabling 74% of total paper production to come from recycled paper. Taiwan is also very eco conscious recycling 60% of paper used, compared to 50% here in the United States. The Way Basics zBoard is non-toxic and contains no VOC or formaldehyde so it's safe for your home and our environment!

3-shelf-narrow-bookcase-white pink-stackable-storage-cube_1 You won't have much room in your dorm, and storage is definitely an "issue" to resolve. We also know you want your room to look fantastic. You’ll love cube-shaped storage units in your dorm room. They are easy to assemble, lightweight, and extremely versatile. There are so many things you can do with a storage unit. Store your books and supplies, set up a "hair drawer" with your blow dryer, brushes, and other accessories, keep your running gear or workout clothes, shoes, socks, etc. all organized in one bin, and more. You can buy fabric “drawers” to fit inside the cubes to keep things looking neat and organized.

What's fun about these storage cubes is the variety of sizes, colors, and construction. When you are making up your checklist of things to bring to college, be sure and think about storage solutions. 

The other really great option they offer is the wall shelf.  Most all dorms don't allow you to hammer or nail anything to the wall, which really presents a problem.  Adding a shelf above or near your bed for both decoration and practical things is something you'll want.  Like the cubes, the shelves are sustainably made from zBoard, which is recycled shelf for dorms

We loved pairing some of our new dorm bedding comforters with the colorful storage units. Take a look at the new American Made Dorm "Rosa Berries" dorm comforter paired with a few of Way Basics' different blue storage cubes.


Remember, it is not too soon to begin college planning! Have fun with it. You can call our advisors at American Made Dorm with your questions, or just post a question here on the blog.  Happy college planning!

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