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We really like Meagan's "11 Tips For A More Fulfilling College Experience". Read it here.

Everyone says college is the best four years of your life and, as a sophomore, I don’t know if I can say that yet, but I sure am having a lot of fun! Still, college can be rough and stressful so here are some tips to make your college experience more fulfilling.  There’s some tough love in here, but I’ve got to speak my truth and trust me, half of what I’ve written is for me as much as it is for anyone else. I’ve made a ton of mistakes and that’s why I want to share a little bit of my college age wisdom. Enjoy these tips and these pictures I pulled from Elon’s website.


1.  Talk to Your Professors! This is number one for a reason. I feel like many students (including me) are scared to talk to their professors because they’re afraid they’ll think they don’t know…

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