You're probably aware that most college dorm beds have an oversized mattress called a twin XL.  That simply means that the bed is longer - 5 inches longer - than a home twin. Your college mattress, more than likely, will be 38" to 39" wide by 80" long. Guess what? That means you can't bring your sheets from home. We frequently hear from customers who bought the "cheap sheets" at the big box store only to find they fell apart in the washing machine the first month or so at college. Well, that's why they are so inexpensive.

You'll be spending a lot of time sleeping. You might as well get a good, quality set or sets of sheets to take to college or boarding school.

made in USA sheet sets

American Made Dorm & Home offers the finest fitted and flat sheets by DreamFit, fitting XL twin college beds. Our sheet sets fit mattresses from 6” to 16” deep and are machine washable. DreamFit is a high quality name in sheet manufacturing, and they manufacture over 90% of their sheets in Alabama, USA!  We carry DreamFit for dorm and for home/apartment living. We love DreamFit's one inch elastic band that "hugs" the mattress all the way around. These sheets will not come untucked in the middle of the night. We also love that they offer several levels of quality, from reasonably priced to very high end. Have you ever bought, washed and dried your new sheets to find they no longer tuck in when making the bed? That won't happen with DreamFit! Their sheets are 10% bigger - both extra large and extra long - than standard industry sheets. You can see the dimensions of all the DreamFit sheets here.

Our XL sheet sets complement all of our twin XL college dorm bedding sets, which are all manufactured in the USA.

Before you buy sheets, there are a few things you should know:

What is Thread count?

That is the total number of threads in one square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the nicer the sheet!

What are the different type sheet fabrics?

  • Cotton: 100% natural fiber that is soft and breathable. Everyone loves cotton.
  • Egyptian Cotton: Considered the highest quality, this cotton is known for its luxurious softness. Dreamfit's Egyptian cotton sheets are a 400 thread count.
  • Cotton Sateen: A very strong, long-stable fiber known for its pretty sheen; it resembles satin. Dreamfit's cotton sateen sheets are a 260 thread count.
  • Tencel®: A man-made fiber known for its ability to wick moisture away and inhibit bacteria growth. DreamFit makes a high end Tencel sheet in a variety of colors.
  • Cotton/polyester blend: We don't carry these!
  • Microfiber: Man-made fibers known for an ultra-soft finish, like "sleeping on a cloud".  They are also wrinkle-resistant.
When you think about how much time you spend sleeping, buying a high quality sheet set is worth the investment! You'll buy the best when you buy DreamFit sheets. They're guaranteed for one year.  

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