Dorm Bedding “Bundles” are a great option for dorm rooms because they include all the bedding essentials in one package, making back-to-school shopping a breeze. As parents of college aged children, we've made all the mistakes one can make on that all important move-in day. In fact, that's where the original idea to create a dorm bedding bundle came from! After a harrowing day of driving from one big box to another, it occurred to us that it would have been a lot more convenient to buy what we need online and have it shipped directly to school, avoiding the stress of last minute shopping. For many, shopping when arriving at college or boarding school is necessary due to the travel distance from home to school. This is particularly true for International boarding students and International college students. They arrive in the States with a few suitcases and a backpack. There's no room to pack and ship an entire dorm room bedding box, not to mention the airline baggage expenses.

Convenient Dorm Bundles for College or Boarding School

Gray Chevron Dorm Bundle

Think of all that you need:  comforter, pillows, sheets, towels, mattress pad, mattress topper... It's overwhelming to shop for it all. Ordering a dorm bundle online is convenient!  Plus, you can SHIP your dorm bundle directly to school and avoid the high airline baggage fees you’d incur when traveling to school with all your bedding. You can also avoid the stress of retail store shopping when you arrive at school. Instead, you can begin the process of making your dorm a home the moment you step into your dorm room! Shop American Made Dorm & Home for high quality, made to last, trendy bedding bundles!

We think you'll like the transition from home to dorm when you arrive at school and your dorm bedding is waiting for you, boxed and labeled with your name and contents. All we need is your box number and the school address.  You even give us the date you want it delivered, and we'll have it there a day or two early.

American Made Dorm bundles are high quality, made to last all four years and beyond, and offer lots of options in different colors, styles, and patterns. This year, we will be offering a new option (as of February 1) to "make your own duvet", allowing you to design the duvet of your choice, fitted perfectly for those dorm sized twin XL, extra long beds! What's in a dorm bundle?

  • a comforter and matching sham
  • a microfiber mattress pad (Twin XL),
  • a foam topper – something you’ll want and need to make the dorm mattress more comfortable
  • cotton sheet set with strong elastic bands to hug the mattress, flat sheet and pillowcase in Twin XL
  • 1888 Mills Millenium towels, a six piece set with two hand, two bath, and two wash cloths
  • standard pillows, medium firm
  • an accent pillow that coordinates with your choice of dorm comforter
  • a "Wall Pops" dry erase message board or calendar that sticks to the wall and is moveable.

Most dorms have extra long beds, called Twin XL. This means the bed is 80 inches long rather than the standard 75 inches long. So, you’ll need extra long sheets and comforters to fit the oversized twin beds.

Everything we make at American Made Dorm  & Home is made in the USA and not to be compared to what you'd buy at the big box retailers. We don't sell comforters for $29.99 for a reason --- quality. Those comforters "pill" (the fabric forms little balls on the outside), their filling shifts and doesn't extend from corner to corner, and the towels they sell fray after one washing. We have tested dozens of inexpensive dorm bedding options and quality is what makes the difference. By the time you replace sheets that lose their elastic (and feel like sandpaper) or a comforter that falls apart in the wash, you might as well pay for quality that will last.USA Made Quality Towels

USA made towels in yellow, made overseas in blue.

We're the experts in dorm bedding and dorm decor. We love to talk to students and their parents. We're here to help, so call us with your questions. Our goal is to make your transition to college an easy one. Make your dorm a home with American Made Dorm & Home college comforters, dorm bundles, shower curtains, accent pillows and more!

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