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Like so many others, I am in love with monograms. Although I am no longer in a dorm room, since I have moved into an apartment, these décor tips definitely still apply. With monogramming being so popular, you can get basically anything monogrammed as you head off to college this fall (and it's not too late to add this touch!).

Bedding and Pillows

As we've mentioned before, monogramming euro shams is a great way to add personalization to your room. You can read that post here. You can also monogram your bedding and/or standard shams (like I did). I chose the Nautical Stripe designer dorm bedding from American Made Dorm, which is currently available (and on sale) exclusively in Twin XL (perfect for your dorm bed!). I've had my bedding for a little over a week now and I am obsessed with it.
nautical stripe bedding
Monogrammed Nautical Stripe Bedding


Another idea for monogramming is to monogram your towels. This not only adds to your room or bathroom (if you have a suite or one in your dorm room) décor, it can also be very practical. If you have a suite-type arrangement, you may be sharing a bathroom with three or more other girls, which means you are also hanging up all of your towels in there. To avoid any mix up over whose towel is whose, the solution is monogramming! Towels

Tervis Tumblers

One thing you may not think of as you pack to head off to school is to bring cups. This is definitely an essential in your dorm room. You'll want cups for having a glass of water by your bed at night, hydrating in the morning, to hold water, diet coke, etc. as you head off to class, or for enjoying your beverage of choice as you hang out with friends. I personally love Tervis Tumblers (made in the USA!). You can get them with your school logo or mascot, your sorority, your monogram, and more. My favorite is my blue 24 ounce tumbler monogrammed with a lid.

Tervis TumblerTervis Tumbler

Decorations and Accessories

I found a blog for making monogrammed iPhone charger stickers, which I made last winter. It's very simple and all you need is label paper, a printer, and this link.

A friend of mine monogrammed her graduation cap and framed it. This is a great idea to hang up in your dorm if you monogrammed your graduation cap (and I guess it's not too late to go back and decorate a plain one?).

You can also order a wooden monogram and hang it with ribbon on your wall. I found this site where you can order one, and I have also seen many on etsy.

Monogrammed iPhone Charger monogram letters

There are so many more ideas for monogramming, and these are just a few. You can check out our Monogram Madness board on Pinterest for more inspiration!

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