Closet Curtain from American Made Dorm Many college and boarding school dorm rooms today have closets without closet doors so that the closets are open and often take up an entire wall of your room. It is often difficult to keep your dorm room closet organized due to its size and how busy you can be with classes, activities, and a social life. If you don't have a closet door and your closet is unorganized, the room can appear even more cluttered than it already is. From personal experience, I know that a messy room makes it hard to concentrate while studying and is not a great sight when you are trying to entertain in your room. So what is the solution? Closet curtains!


You can easily purchase a suspension rod to hang curtains from to hide your closet. Using cute curtains (even ones that match your decor) adds an additional decorative touch to your room! American Made Dorm offers custom order closet curtains here. They come in Gray Chevron, Tiffany Blue Chevron, Coral Chevron, Yellow Metro, Turquoise Metro, and Coral Metro. They have button holes so that you can hang them on the rod with ribbons or shower curtain rings.

Dorm Closet Closet Curtain

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