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Rugs are an essential for your college dorm checklist. Whether you have a wood floor, carpet or tiles, a new rug can serve many functions.  Trust me, you want something to cover your carpet, which may have been there for years.  If you have cold tile floors, you will want a rug to step on when you get out of bed in the morning. Coordinating a rug with your dorm decor is fun, but can be challenging.  Further, many rugs found at local superstores (made overseas) may not last you through the year.  Buying a rug made in America will benefit you in the long run.  When you invest in a Made in USA rug, look for stain resistant rugs and a warranty.  Think of the potential for spilled drinks on your rug, dirty shoes or boots and rain or snow tracking in your room. Here are some ideas for coordinating rugs with bedding.


 chevron rug chevron rug
Green Kimono Bedding with Black and White Chevron Rug Black and White Kimono Bedding with Black and White Chevron Rug



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