Here is an easy DIY project that will help you transform your bare dorm walls! I made this chevron fabric magnet board in under 20 minutes and it was so easy! On the right you can see the final product.

Here is what you will need:

  • Fabric (a yard is safe, or bigger if you want to do a bigger board)- you can find fabric at any craft store, especially places like Jo Ann fabric.
  • Sheet metal (mine is 18"x12")- you can purchase this at Lowe's or Home Depot, and it is already precut! Make sure it is not aluminum, because that will not be magnetic.
  • Spray adhesive- you can get this at any craft store, just make sure that it says it works with fabrics.
  • Ribbon (30 inches or so)
  • Wooden initial- also found at any craft store
  • Acrylic paint (to paint the initial)
  • Glue gun or heavy duty glue (for the initial and ribbon)
  • Drill (optional- if you wish to drill holes through the sheet metal to suspend board from fabric, like I did)
Here are the steps:
  1. Paint the letter with the acrylic paint. Allow time to dry between coats and before placing on the final product. I painted two or three coats on the letter.
  2. (If you wish to drill holes in the board to hang the board with ribbon). Drill two parallel holes in the board (the holes should be in a horizontal line). Mine are two inches from the top of the board and two inches apart from each other.
  3. Iron the fabric. I had to do this because there were fold creases in the fabric, which would look bad on the board.
  4. The next few steps are the most crucial to how well your board will turn out. Go outside or in a basement and lay down plastic  to protect the fabric and the ground. Outside is better because of the fumes. Lay down the sheet metal and position the fabric on top of it. You need to line up the fabric how you will want it positioned on the board, leaving extra fabric on the top, bottom, left, and right. Once you have it lined up (which was especially important with the chevron), fold the extra fabric over the top and secure it to the back. I secured mine with duct tape. Fold the fabric back, leaving the sheet metal exposed, but with the fabric still secured to the top of the backside.
  5. Now that you have your fabric secured and laid back so that the sheet metal is exposed, you are ready for the spray adhesive. I then sprayed the spray adhesive directly onto the front side of the sheet metal, being sure to cover the whole area. Quickly after spraying, I pulled the fabric tight from the top and laid it over the sheet metal. As you do this, make sure you are pulling the fabric taut. If you start laying it on the sheet metal from the top down, you can smooth it out as you go.
  6. The hard part is over! Now you just need to fold the excess fabric that is on the bottom, left and right over to the back of the sheet metal and secure it. I secured mine with duct tape but a hot glue gun would work, as would the spray adhesive.
  7. Insert the ribbon through the two holes in the back[/caption] Ignore this step if you did not drill holes in the sheet metal. Locate the holes and cut holes in the fabric where the holes in the sheet metal are, making sure there is a hole that goes all the way through. You don't need to worry about how neat the hole is since it will be covered up by the ribbon. Take each end of the ribbon and pull each end through one of the holes, back to front, making sure it is centered. Make sure there is enough ribbon that is pulled through so that you can tie a bow. Leave as big of a loop as you would like for hanging and then tie a knot on the front side to secure the size of the loop. Then tie the ribbon into a bow. Secure the bow with a hot glue gun. I hot glued each loop of the bow to the board so that the bow looks upright and full. Finally, I took about three inches of ribbon and circled it around the knot of the bow, to make it look pretty. I secured it with hot glue as well.
  8. (If you are not drilling holes in the sheet metal). Make a bow out of your ribbon and hot glue it to the top of the board. You can follow the steps above to see how I made the bow look pretty.
  9. Finally- I glued on the letter "C" with a hot glue gun to the bottom left corned. Placement is up to you though!
  10. You're done!



Thank you!

Oct 23, 2014


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