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 Navy Blue Dorm Bedding
Navy Blue Dorm Bedding
Aqua Greek Key Bundle
Aqua Greek Key with Rosa Mandarin and Gray Accent Pillow
Rosa Flamingo Comforter with Hot Pink Pillow
gray chevron dorm bundle
Gray Chevron Comforter and Gray and Lavender Suzani Accent Pillow
yellow metro dorm bundle
Yellow Metro Comforter with Poppy Accent Pillow in Gray and Yellow
A dorm bundle comes with everything you need for back to school! Plus, it can be ordered online and conveniently delivered to school.  Have your entire bedding set waiting for you when you arrive at school.  How convenient is that? Save on shipping or airline baggage fees and forget the mayhem of shopping at the big box stores when you arrive at your new school.  You'll be decorating your room while others are fighting the crowds. Our bedding bundles are made in the USA and are of the highest quality materials.  Made to last all four years.  Don't get bedding that you'll have to replace by Christmas.  Buy high quality, American made bedding and know you'll have a set that will last all four years. American Made Dorm.



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Oct 23, 2014

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