Today's blog was written by Hannah Maynard, a senior Apparel Design and Product Development Major at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Hannah is a college rep for American Made Dorm®.

Hanging things on the dorm room wall is always a hassle. I'm not sure who thought concrete walls would give off the homey feel, but they most definitely do not. Not being able to nail things is a huge and constant struggle, even for apartments and condos off campus. Here are some creative ways to hang things that will transform your walls!

Attaching string to the back of anything always helps hooks carry the weight. It adds some style and color to any blank wall. My favorite hooks to use are the 3M command hooks. They come off the wall nicely and the hooks are easy to cover with a big ribbon bow. If you want more of an earthy feel, there are always strips of burlap, yarn, or rope you can use instead!

Clothes pins are miracle workers. Growing up, I had ribbon taped up along my walls with painted clothes pins to hang pictures. It’s such a cheap and easy way to completely fill a wall with pictures from home and works well with any decoration or color combination.

Another idea that’s similar to the previous one is to use colored lights instead of ribbon or yarn to string up the pictures. It helps to brighten up any dark space while adding memories from home.

Pinterest has featured some great ideas attaching things to hangers and hanging them in closets or back of doors.  A really easy idea is hanging more hooks of the hanger and attaching necklaces, jewelry or scarves. This helps with the lack of space in the door but also added color and decoration at the same time! You can organize all your scarves on the back of the closet with a simple hanger

Lastly, an easy way to hang objects or cute cutouts is by stringing them together. Nothing is more fun in a room than hanging with lots of colored objects to help bring life to a room. I find that I always decorate so much of my wall that’s on eye level, that the top couple of feet look so bare. This is a way to decorate the higher places that are harder to see and reach!

Living in the Dorm is so much fun. You get to hang out with all of your friends an constantly socialize. With these ideas, you can have a room that you are proud of and want to show off!

Hannah Maynard
Baylor University
American Made Dorm® Campus Rep


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Oct 23, 2014

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I like the twist with clothes pins. Really cute idea.

Oct 23, 2014

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