I'm just a few months from graduating, and was asked to write a guest blog entry for My Dorm Decor.  After two years in a dorm and two years in an apartment, here are my dorm decor tips, in no special order.

1.  You will probably change your bedding a few times (at least once) by the time you graduate. I changed mine 3 times. Your bed size may also change if you move into an apartment as an upperclassman. Keep this in mind. Go all out with the current styles and your favorites without fearing you will grow tired of them in a few years.

2.  Make sure the bedding you buy can be washed in the washing machine! You are prone to spill something at some point and won’t want to make a trip to the dry cleaners (not to mention the cost of doing that).Euro Shams Ikat Dots

3.  Monograms add so much to your room. Monogram your towels, shower wrap, accent pillows or euro shams. You can usually find someone locally who will monogram most anything you bring them.

4.  Many new dorms don’t have closet doors. You can put up a rod and use a shower curtain instead.  American Made Dorm & Home sells these as "Closet Curtains." Neat idea.

5.  Keep in mind that you may need to buy a shower curtain if your room has its own bathroom. Mine is pictured below.

Shower curtain made in USA, American made shower curtain, navy shower curtain,6.  You can use a bed skirt to hide the clutter under your bed, or use a bed skirt with your lofted bed to add a decorative flair or hide the frame of the bed. I got mine at American Made Dorm & Home and they make them in special lengths.


7.  Window valances and curtains add a nice touch to dorm windows. Typically a dorm window comes with some type of plain white shade. By adding curtains and hanging them wider and higher than the window, your ceiling will feel higher.  It can change the whole look of your room. Below is an illustration of the difference.

How to hang curtains to make your ceiling appear taller8.  Get a rug! Even though many dorms are carpeted, you don’t know how long those carpets have been there. Plus, they make the room look better. Dorm rugs can be pretty worn or dull in color.

9.  Velcro helps with hanging heavy things, such as clocks and frames, on the wall.

10.  Colorful laundry bags (and they can be monogrammed too!) are better than laundry baskets, especially if you have to carry your laundry down a few floors to get to the laundry room.

Dorm decor 11.  You will definitely want a wall calendar to always be able to quickly glance at what’s going on in the coming weeks. Check out wall pops- they are peel-and-stick and moveable.  They come with a dry erase marker and in many trendy designs to match your room.

-Chase Eager, University of Richmond '13

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