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The color you select for your dorm bedding makes a statement about your personality. But, did you also know that the patterns and colors you choose for your room influence your mood?  So, after you’ve decided on your dorm bedding color scheme, take a look at the popular color psychology to see what “mood” your bedding will create!

Black and White bedding is stylish and timeless. It is always elegant, and never goes out of style. Black and White bedding is an all time favorite combination. 

Damask bedding made in America

White is light, neutral, and goes with everything.  In bedding, and especially in a dorm, white tends to get dingy and soils easily, but it is still a favorite for its crisp, clean look. If you love white, consider using crisp white cotton sheets with colorful bedding.

Yellow is cheerful and optimistic, promoting happiness. Yellow and gray are a very popular combination this year.

Blue, which comes in many shades and tones, is one of the most popular bedding colors.  Because blue is so peaceful, it is widely used in bedding. Light blues (sky blue, tiffany blue, pale blue) are calming colors. Blue creates positive energy.

Green is the color of relaxation and is associated with nature. Soft green is tranquil. Did you know that green bedding helps you wake feeling more rested?

Hot Pink is bold, preppy, and very popular in the South.  Sorority girls also love hot pink and lime green. These are bright colors that are reminiscent of summer at the beach. People are drawn to gather in brightly colored dorm rooms.Made in USA

Purple is the color of royalty, suggesting wealth and sophistication. In soft lavenders and wisteria shades, it is feminine, soft and pleasing.

Red is an intense color that is representative of love.  Red is a great accent to black and white bedding.

Whatever color you choose for your bedding, make sure it reflects you!  American Made Dorm & Home has lots of great bedding options sure to meet your needs.


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