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First, it's pretty much a given that if you are a freshman, you'll likely be living in a college dorm. That's got lots of positives, like ease of making new friends, convenience to classes, dining, the library, and simply experiencing college life.

In recent years, colleges and universities have spent a great deal of money on upgrading and building new dormitories, hoping to entice touring high school seniors. Dorms have historically offered many conveniences, like free internet, study lounges, kitchens, and recreation.  The latest trends in dorms include coffee shops and fast food right on the main floor of the dorm, lounges with giant screen TVs, suite living arrangements for freshmen, and more. Swimming pools, extensive gyms and favorite fast food restaurants convenient to the dorms are commonplace.

Was your college choice influenced by its living quarters?  Did you cross off a particular school (no names, please) because you didn't like the dorms? We want to hear from you!

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