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At American Made Dorm & Home, we know that fashion is important to our customers. That is why we have the latest trends and fashion forward bedding for your dorm and home available right now!

What are the color trends for the Fall 2016 school year? We’ve done research on some top designers to find out!


"The blue of the Mediterranean, and the tops of the churches in Santorini—or Papers and Paints' TC32. It's so rich and fabulous, perfect when paired with a grey or pink"-Sara Story

Bright colors with bold patterns are the trend for Fall 2016. Navy and Azure Blue are hot colors, anything nautical, plus stripes and monograms! We have just the bedding to make your room the talk of the hall.



“I’ll be looking back to the pastel palette of LA in the 80s—optimistic color combinations of orange and purple sunsets, green palm trees, aqua pools, and pink flamingos. It’s a muted palette with shocks of neon—Monet meets Molly Ringwald." –Christos Prevezanos

At AmDorm, we love pastels! They are so soft and beautiful and work well with fun patterns. Here are some inspirations to create a pretty pastel paradise!


Neutral: Taupe and Gray

“Gray is definitely the hottest neutral these days- it sets the perfect backdrop. I love combining soft gray walls with dark charcoal doors and a pale, grayish-white ceiling.” –Jeff Andrews

We can’t agree more! Grays and Taupes are sophisticated and allow you to add a variety of accent colors.




“Olive and forest greens will be popular in 2016- I just did a kitchen with olive cabinets and it looks wonderful. The shade is warm, organic, and neutral for almost any other color you pair with it.” –Capella Kincheloe

This color is definitely coming on. In fact, we just heard a talk by a top fashion designer last week, and she stated the fashions will trend to "Fall-like colors", including browns and greens. We've got lots of choices for your dorm decor. 

To be a trend-setter this school year, check out all of this bedding and more at